Polaris Slingshot Tire Tracer Stripes

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Upgrade your custom tire lettering by adding Tracer Stripes. A visually stunning edition, especially while your tires are moving.


  • Robust design that will hold up to the force of a pressure washer
  • These will adhere to any tire
  • The TredWear Tracer Stripes are made of real rubber and have thickness. The texture on the tire will not effect them.
  • Unlike tire paint, our Tracer Stripes will usually last the life of your tire


  • Stripes for 3 tires (x6 stripes total)
  • Patented instant industrial adhesive that bonds letters to your tire



How to Install:

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Robin Ramos
Tred Wear

Tred wear works greet if you follow the direction. You MUST clean tire thoroughly. Thank you Mitch customer service Awesome!!!

Miguel Lopez
Don't last

All my lettering is coming off and now my tires look bad 😞

Hello Miguel,

Sorry to hear about your lettering in your review. For the letters to stick the tire must be free of oil/tire dressing and very clean. When we do them we clean the tire multiple times, scuff the area for the lettering, and clean a few more times just to be 100% sure they are perfect. After that and using the provided glue I have tried to pull the lettering off and it will take chunks of tire off with it as they are bonded that hard. Not sure if that helps at this point but if you need any help with them please let me know.

Thanks, Mitch