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22" Wheels, Air Ride Suspension, Custom Build, Custom Finished Wheels, Custom Wheels, Giovanna Wheels, Polaris Slingshot -

Polaris Slingshot SL now equipped with a set of custom staggered Giovanna Bogota 22" rims. We powder coated this set in a pearl white, indy red, and gloss black three tone finished with a clear top coat. Holding the wheels on are our TruSpike black lug nuts....

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22" Wheels, Air Ride Suspension, Custom Build, Giovanna Wheels, Polaris Slingshot -

Vaydor four seater Slingshot now equipped with our Digital+ air suspension, 22/22" Giovanna Haleb wheels, alignment, and a few other small touches. It took some work to get the front wheels to tuck but the end result looks so good.

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